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Roya Ebrahim

Roya Ebrahim was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1995 


Education: currently studying bachelor of Visual communication and design at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.



Painting in oil is my main technical expertise. I ran an open Drawing club for 5 years, therefore my area of interest developed in portrait and figure painting from live model. I also paint landscapes and still life.

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Hesitation, 2021

Oil on paperboard, 23 x 21 cm


Bright, 2022

Oil on paperboard, 29 x 17 cm

 Regard, 2021

Oil on paperboard, 35 x 23 cm

Probable 2021

Oil on paperboard, 35 x 25 cm

lex Fridman, 2022

Oil on paperboard, 22 x 16 cm

 Verge, 2022

Oil on paperboard, 23 x 21 cm

Vulnerability, 2022

Oil on paperboard, 35 x 25 cm
artwork 2.png

 Continual, 2021

Oil on paperboard, 23 x 21 cm

Project Description

Life is uncertain and painting is my way to cope with it and make sense of my existence. Whatever I paint I simply try my best to let my visual field resolve into a pattern of color and shadow and light, relinquish my concept about the objects I gaze upon the raw data of visual perception. And if I do my part of capturing those visual elements correctly it will represent fellow vulnerable human in front of me. I might feel tempted to rush into label something and shut down the moment of curiosity because it is vulnerable but ,What if Itry to have atheistic faith in my brush for just one more stroke. As long as every brushstroke is covered by awareness I know I did my part.

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