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Virtual Exhibitions

Snapshot from of our previous shows

We are currently accepting applications for solo virtual exhibitions

 We are excited to invite all visual artists to submit their art project for their own solo show for the year 2023-2024.

Chosen artists will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work through our platform and participate in exhibit-related promotions. In case of purchase interest the buyer will contact directly with you and we’ll not keep any commission of your sale.


UntitledPost (22).jpg


  • International artists (18+) all levels are welcomed  

  • Artists who work with any medium or technique (painting, sculpting, installation, 3D art, acrylic, oil, ink, clay etc) the theme is free

  • Only applications in English will accepted

  • Write your info as you wanted to be displayed in our posters, catalogues and other publications.




There is no Deadline


If selected: there is a paricipation fee of 50€

Where: Online

How to apply

  • Write your info as you want it displayed in our posters, catalogs and other publications.

  • Submit 8 - 24 high quality images of your art (PNG files)

  • We accepting applications only via the following form, submissions via email will not be considered.

Submission form

Submit 8-24 artworks. The title of every artwork (PNG file) must be:

Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions (cm), Price € (if the artwork is available for sale)

Artwork 1
Artwork 2
Artwork 3
Artwork 4
Artwork 5
Artwork 6
Artwork 7
Artwork 8
Artwork 9
Artwork 10
Artwork 11
Artwork 12
Artwork 13
Artwork 14
Artwork 15
Artwork 16
Artwork 17
Artwork 18
Artwork 19
Artwork 20
Artwork 21
Artwork 22
Artwork 23
Artwork 24
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