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Asked Questions

All the answers about how we organize the virtual exhibitions and generally the way we operate

  • 3. Would you be more detailed about how my artwork will be presented through the virtual tour program?
    The specific virtual program that we use has the advantage to present the art pieces in each realistic simulation, with the correct scale of the real dimensions, as it would happen in a physical gallery space. So take into consideration that your artwork will be presented at the wall of the gallery’s space with the right scale. Of course all exhibits will be clickable, able to zoom in and read more info.
  • 5. How a virtual solo exhibition be conducted?
    Virtual Solo Shows are conducted at the same way with virtual group shows. More specific are hosted in our website via a 3D high definition virtual tour program. We will promote the grand opening and additionally we will keep promoting the exhibition in all its duration (5 weeks) from our website and our social media.
  • 12. I would like to know more about the terms and conditions or the cooperation with your art gallery.
    Sure, you can take a look to the attached ‘Artist’s agreement’ PDF file
  • 6. What mediums are accepted to the virtual exhibitions?
    We accept every medium including installations, photography, digital art, sculpture, printmaking etc. In case you prefer to submit viathe application form, in medium section you will find a list with a variety of mediums. If your medium isn’t included, you can complete in the option ‘other’ your medium.
  • 2. What is the duration of a virtual art exhibition?
    The duration of a virtual group exhibition is 3 weeks and for a solo exhibition 4 weeks. In both types of events we will promote the grand opening and additionally we will keep promoting the exhibition in all its duration from our website and our social media.
  • 9. I’m interested in my own virtual solo exhibition curated by Royal Blue Gallery. How could I apply?
    There is no deadline for accepting submissions for virtual solo exhibitions. For more information you can contact us via email.
  • 7. What happens if someone is interested to buy one of my artworks?
    During the duration of 3 weeks that our virtual exhibitions are running, our virtual spaces have remarkable traffic by visitors, and also some of these are looking for something unique and contact the gallery to express their interest for purchasing. In this case we will bring you in contact with the potential buyer, as the Royal Blue Gallery doesn't keep any commission fee of your sale. As a result buyer will contact direct with you to arrange the sale.
  • 13. Do you have physical spaces that I can apply to exhibit there?
    Now our events are hosted by our webpage in our virtual spaces and provided/ promoted by our social media account. This condition gives the chance to worldwide artists to participate (without artwork’s shipping expenses and the capability for both visitors and artists to achieve the show regardless their location. Nevertheless, in immediate future our gallery plans to arrange physical exhibitions, which will be announced via open call for everyone is interested to participate to these projects.
  • 4. Why should I prefer to exhibit my artworks in a virtual show?
    Our virtual shows provide the convenience for everyone who wants to attend the show to achieve it without his physical presence, just using his device and internet connection. That’s why, this condition gives the opportunity to worldwide artists to submit their artworks without artwork’s shipping fee, as they apply digitally. In addition they and their friends/ family can attend the event regardless their location. Αlso in this way our experience shows that the virtual exhibition can attract more traffic and become more visible to those who are curious and looking to buy unique pieces without the capability of presence.
  • 11. I have already participated in one of your virtual shows/open calls. Could I apply again for an upcoming show?
    Every previous participant artist is welcome to submit his application again for our upcoming events!
  • 1. How a virtual exhibition will be conducted?
    All virtual (online) exhibitions by the Royal Blue Gallery are hosted in our website via a 3D high definition virtual tour program. This simulation of an existing art space enables visitors to navigate to the space to interact with the exhibited art in real time. In addition, virtual exhibits are clicable, meaning that allow to the buyers and audience to zoom on the artworks, to read more details or to find artist's info, as it will be happened in a physical exhibition.
  • 8. I am interested in buying a specific art piece and I would like more information.
    We urge to contact directly with the artist for more details by clickable contact information next to his artworks. Our role is restricted to inform you if the specific art piece is available for sale and the price (based on artist’s instructions).
  • 2. I would like to know more about the terms and conditions and the cooperation with your art gallery.
    Sure, you can take a glance to the attached ‘Artist’s agreement’ PDF file.
  • 1. With this application will you consider me for your upcoming open calls?
    Yes, we can propose to you for the opportunities that the curator team believes that your portfolio can fit in this project. In addition we’ll inform you generally/briefly about our new actions.
  • 8. I would like to participate with photography/digital art/ sculptures/ installation etc. I’m wondering if it’s needed extra files (ex 3D etc) for the exhibition.
    This is up to you, our advice is to send as much files as your project will be specific and clear to the audience.
  • 2. How long it takes to evaluate a submission?
    Every submission is evaluated carefully by the galleries’ curation team. This process can take 1-3 weeks, as we receive a significant number of applications. In case you have applied to a specific open call/ opportunity, your application will be evaluated in the latest few days after the deadline expiration.
  • 1. Some of my artworks are exhibited this period and in another gallery. Can I participate?
    Royal Blue Gallery’s policy gives to the artists the chanceto exhibit (a) specific artwork(s) alongside and in other exhibition at the same time. If the artwork(s) is/are sold, you can still continue exhibited to us, but it’s good to inform both us and potential clients in case of purchase interest.
  • 3. Is it better to send my submission via email or to complete the google application form?
    Both for the artist and the gallery agents’ convenience, we advice the participants to prefer the google application form to complete their submission. This happens because via email it is frequent to receive submissions which are missing important information, in contrary with the google application forms.

For any further question, additional info or if something seems not clear, you can always contact via email.

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