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Lukas Leisinger

Lukas Leisinger was born in Tunbridge Wells, UK, in 2001.

At present he particularly interested and inspired by on Portraits, 17th century Flemish painting and oil painting.


A-Levels, Uplands Community College, East Sussex, 2018 - 2020

• ABB, A – Politics, B – Art and design, B – History

Foundation Diploma, West Kent College, Kent, 2020 - 2021

• Foundation Diploma in Art and Design – Distinction

Currently studying at UAL Chelsea College of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art

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The Archers

Oil and wall filler on canvas,

115cm x 165cm


The Commercial Christ, 2022

oil on canvas, 94cm x 94cm 

Mors Per Foco.jpeg

Mors Per Foco

2022, oil on canvas,

92cm x 62cm

Drawing X


Drawing II, 2022

Graphite and Chalk on paper,

20cm x 20cm

Project Description


My artwork is very personal. It is about reflection upon my past trauma and fears for the future. I love to try and capture the beauty of old master work whilst also hinting at the grotesque. I use old master’s works as a base because they are a comfort to me in times of anxiety. I hope my project will evoke hidden feelings in viewers to come out and that the viewers will be more aware of the future and the legacy they want to leave.

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