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Rope - Tiziano Summo.jpg

Tiziano Summo

Tiziano Summo is an artist made in Italy and crafted in London through a long process of selfawareness and self-discovery.
Tiziano's installations examine the complex relationships between art and science, nature and
technology, life and death. He believes that only by combining very different subjects is it possible to
create something truly unique. With mortality as the central theme of his work, Tiziano challenges
contemporary belief systems, thus exploring the uncertainties at the heart of the human experience. His
practice is based on one simple truth: to embrace life truly, you must face death.
His works have been published in international art magazines such as FOA and shown at The Other Art
Fair London and Salone del mobile di Milano to name a few. This odyssey towards awareness led
Tiziano on a therapeutic journey to discover himself and, in turn, invites us to stop, reflect and live.

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Rectangle - Tiziano Summo.jpg

Rectangle – Light After Death, 2020

Neon and Bones, 55 x 130 x 20 cm

Rope, 2021

Neon and Bones, 80 x 50 x 30 cm

Rope - Tiziano Summo.jpg
Moon - Tiziano Summo.jpg

Moon- Light After Death, 2020

Neon and bones, 80x70x20 cm

Circle - Tiziano Summo.jpg

 Circle – Light After Death, 2020

Neon and Bones, 70x46x12 cm

Project Description

Tiziano’s most recent work, ‘Light After Death' (2019-2022), subverts the traditional hunting trophy
adding a contemporary twist.
Natural and man-made, rural and urban, traditional and contemporary: these timeless boundaries are
blurred and fused, evoking the powerful symbolism of the circle of life. The juxtaposition of the organic
shape of a skull and the geometry of the neon embodies the fragility of life and the eternal perfection of
math. Tiziano, with a modern revisitation of 'Memento Mori', wants us to wake up, be aware and face
death in order to finally embrace life

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