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01-ONDA - Yann CASTLAN.jpg

Independent artist born in Bastia on October 18, 1974.
1994 My university course led me to a General Studies Diploma in Plastic Arts and a License in Applied
Arts at the University of Corsica.
1998 A sculpture course on Carrara marble gave birth to my first work "Sculpture-01".
1999 I participated in a collective project with the ARIA association on the theme of peace.
2003 My participation in the (multimedia access point).
2007 Registration as a graphic designer sculptor at the artists' house.
2008 - 2011 Participation in the F.A.C. Calcatoggio Contemporary Art Festival.
2009 - 2017 My collaboration printing house and the "Journal de la Corse", as a graphic designer.
2015 Exhibition at Espace Diamant in Ajaccio.
2018 Work on “Journey in printing” after the closure of the printing house in 2017.
2019 to 2020 Confined work...
2021 Exhibition "Journey in printing" at the "Lazaret Ollandini" in Ajaccio.
2022 Exhibition "Journey in printing" at the hall "d'Arghjusta è u Muricciu"


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01-ONDA - Yann CASTLAN.jpg

ONDA, 2020

mixed media (Aluminum, wood and nails), 98 x 41 x 19cm

VIAGHJU-00_AP02 - Yann CASTLAN.jpg

VIAGHJU-00, 2020

mixed media (Aluminum, wood and nails), 120 x 120cm

_Strade_ 2020 - 120x120x3cm 16,5kg - Yann CASTLAN.jpg
Strade, 2020

mixed media (Aluminum, wood and nails), 120 x 120cm

Present, 2019

mixed media (Aluminum, wood and nails), 30x 30 x 30 cm


Project Description

Graphic Sculptures "Journey in printing"
Sette nant'à sette (Seven out of seven)
It is my immersion in “the Siciliano printing works and the Journal of Corsica” which gives birth today to
“Voyage en Imprimerie”.
An immersion that directed me towards a new line of graphic work in the service of sculpture, in the
discovery and understanding of a new material, the plate.
aluminum offset, ephemeral support of daily information destined to disappear in recycling.
Sette nant'à sette
7 days in color space
Where I carve, nail and arrange offset aluminum plates, which are transformed into graphic sculptures.


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