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Rodion Voskresenskii

Rodion Voskresenskii was born in Taganrog, Russia, in 1994.

He is Fine Artist, Set Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator. 


2012-2016 Bachelor of Marketing Design, Rostov State University.

2016-2022 Scene Designer, SDART theatre, Moscow

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“Restless Night”, 2021

Oil on canvas, 80x80 cm

AF252F70-43CD-49BB-A3E8-1894CCF1BC7A - родион воскресенский.jpeg
Fading Tenderness, 2022

oil on canvas, 120cm x 70cm 

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“Evening Portrait”, 2021

Oil on canvas, 50x50 cm

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Colonel’s Daughter, 2021

Oil on canvas, 67x84 cm

Project Description

Applied images are figurative works created in different periods of the artist’s work. They were taken out
of Russia by the creator after the outbreak of the war in 2022. They represent the part of the «Russian
period» that has been preserved.
Conceptually, the canvases are united by the idea of the moment of feeling, fixed in natural fullness, not
distorted by time. Scenes of everyday life, surreal phenomena of dreams and deep reflection appear on
canvases as an evidence of emotional experience. Sensuality is of paramount importance in Rodion’s
project. The presence of images in an intimate environment, the presence of an ephemeral viewer: the
invisible is endowed with visibility and importance, comes to the fore, and the blocked is praised.
Chaotic Fragments of the past are built in the chronology of feelings, the ether of pain and longing for
the lost youth of the soul, for the lost homeland.

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