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Sumit Trivedi

Sumit Trivedi was born in village Anjana, INDIA, in 1987.


​Academic Qualification : M.A. in Drawing and Painting -2013 Mohanlal Sukhadiya Universitycampus Udaipur


I work with human figure in my surrealistic imagination with charcoal  on fabriano paper. It’s my own discovered style.  


My work theme is belongs to effects of sound and music on my soul mind and body. I use dancing forms of human body  with music instrument drum (dhol) and both are merging into each other because of  their fluent intercourse have reach  absolute summit of sublime ecstasy 


Dance for Absolute - 04, 2021

Charcoal on Fabriano paper,

140.97cm  x  91.44cm

Dance for Absolute - 01, 2020

Charcoal on Fabriano paper,

 121.92cm x 86.36cm 


Dance for Absolute - 03, 2021

Charcoal on fabriano paper, 

118.11cm x  99.06cm


Dance for Absolute -02,

Charcoal fabriano paper,

119.38 x  238.76


64 YOGINI – Melody of Cosmos, 2021

charcoal on Fabriano paper, 60.96cm x  91.44cm

64YOGINI - The Cosmic Lotus.jpg
64 YOGINI – The Cosmic Lotus, 2021

charcoal on Fabriano paper,

 106.68cm x 121.92cm

1-64yogini,_24''x24''_charcoalo on paper.jpg
64YOGINI - 01, 2021

Charcoal on Fabriano paper,

60.96cm x 60.96cm

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